EAU CLAIRE, Wis. - How young is too young for kids to have cellphones? It's a question parents have been debating for more than a decade. But it s getting even more attention with Sprint targeting kids as young as five years old with a new kid friendly phone.

Accordingto areportfrom NBC affiliateWEAU Sprint is giving families a new option that could put more phones in kids' hands. The company calls the We Go, an affordable first phone for kids, targeting ages five to 12.

Mary Geissler is the family living educator for theUniversityofWisconsin Extension campus in Chippewa County. She said there may be some situations where younger children could benefit from having a phone.

Families that I work with, many of them are not enjoying having two people in the home to look after them. So these children are often left with strangers or they're visiting a parent on a weekend and it may be up to a lot of different people to pick them up or drop them off. So a cell phone on those circumstances and helping the child learn to use it responsibly would be very appropriate.

The We Go has security measures allowing parents to program which contacts their kids can make calls to and receive calls from. It has GPS tracking, can only send preset text messages, like 'I'm at school' and has a string to pull if kids feel they're in danger, sending parents an immediate text message.

I think it's a good idea with the limitations, but I'd rather see it targeted a little older, Eau Claire parent and grandparent Rachel Stone said.

The cellphone is simply a tool. We're still parents, we must be parents, we're responsible, set those boundaries, and I think you're going to have a good experience with it with your child, Geissler said.

We Gos sell for about $120, and parents can even be notified if kids are traveling faster than the speed limit. AsofthisweektheywereavailableatSprintstoresandothereletronicsretailers. Serviceonthephonecosts$9.99 permonthandincludes1,000 minutesofvoicecalls and 1,000 textmessages.

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