PORTLAND -- Lumberjack has climbed to the top of the CareerCast Worst Jobs of 2014 list, bumping newspaper reporter down to the second-worst career choice.

Technological advancement have contributed to dwindling job opportunities in this field, said CareerCast's Kyle Kensing. Coupled with the inherent danger of working with heavy machinery in remote locations and typically low pay, lumberjack is ranked No. 200 in the 2014 report.

Newspaper reporting ranked at No. 199 on the list, because it has lost its luster dramatically over the past five years and is expected to plummet even further by 2022 as more and more print publications abandon operations, Kensing said.

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The best job of 2014: Mathematician. With a projected job growth of 23 percent by 2022 and a median annual salary of $101,360, careers in mathematics are diverse and rewarding, according to the report.

The second-best job on the list is (tenured) university professor, with a projected 19 percent growth rate by 2022 and a median salary of $68,970.

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The job ratings have been measuring great and horrible jobs since 1998. The editors say it's just a road map, but they remind people embarking on new paths, only you can determine the best job for your abilities and passions.

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