PORTLAND Items found in the van of a fugitive gunned down by police in March appeared to link him to a January kidnapping attempt.

Court documents released to KGW Friday described the contents of a van used by Kelly Swoboda, before he was killed in a police shootout March 12 outside Wilson High School in Southwest Portland.

Kelly Swoboda, 49, had a long criminal history and was accused of the Jan. 27 violent kidnapping of a woman in Milwaukie, Ore.

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Swoboda allegedly pulled the woman from a shop in a strip mall and sped off with her in his minivan. She was assaulted but eventually jumped out while the vehicle was still moving.

At least one item, a purple dumbbell, found in the dark green 1997 Dodge Caravan seized by authorizes appeared to match the woman's description of the inside of her abductor s van, according to documents.

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The public was asked to be on the lookout for a minivan matching Swoboda s after the January kidnapping and after the suspect allegedly robbed a bank in Eugene three days later.

The seized van was messy and appeared as though someone had been sleeping in it, documents say.

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Investigators found a wide variety of items inside, including chains, nylon rope, zipties and box of Girl Scout Tagalongs cookies.

A case for an ArmsCor M1911 A1 handgun and a box of unspent ammunition was also found. The box matched the type of weapon that Swoboda allegedly used to shoot and wound Wilson High School resource officer John Romero, documents say.

Latex gloves found in the vehicle were also similar to the white gloves worn by Swoboda in surveillance video. Investigators also found traces of blood on the van s rear seat, headrest and seatbelt, rear carpet and driver s seat, according to the documents.

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