PORTLAND -- Are you willing to spend more of your hard earned money to fix Portland streets. And if so, how much more?

City commissioners want to know. Between repaving projects, crosswalk safely improvements and everything else, the city predicted costs at around $75 million a year for a decade to catch up.

A recent phone survey asked 800 people about paying a street maintenance and safety fee and the results showed slightly less than a majority would support an $8 or $12 a month per household fee.

However, when surveyors explained specifically what it would pay for, there was a slight majority in favor of it.

It doesn t surprise me that when we re asking this question during tax season Do you want to pay more fees? That we don t have an overwhelming majority saying, Ya, I m really excited about that, said City Commissioner Steve Novick.

Novick added that he s not done asking Portlanders questions and plans to use the results to decide how to pay for the Portland Bureau of Transportation s big list of needs.

In fact, he personally has favored an income-based tax, but a fee got the best response in this survey.

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KGWreporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.

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