PORTLAND Multnomah County intends to conduct clandestine poop-policing operations at select school playgrounds this May.

Targeted enforcement of leash and poop-scoop laws will be conducted at three Portland schools next month: Beach School, da Vinci Arts Middle School and Duniway Elementary, said Portland Public Schools spokeswoman Christine Miles.

Dog owners at those schools have been particularly delinquent in their duties, said Miles.

Beach Principal Rebecca Torres said Tuesday that parents at her school were sick and tired of owners who won t curb their canines on the school s playground and fields.

As part of a new push, Multnomah County Animal Services will conduct leash-law stings and write $150 tickets to violators starting in May. The city operates more than 30 off-leash parks where pouches can play and poop as they please, according to the city.

Portland issued 110 citations to dog owners violating leash laws since last year, Miles said.

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