There was a glimmer of light at the site of the Oso landslide on Thursday. Nearly two weeks after the devastating landslide that killed dozens of people, a dog made his way through the debris field and was found.

The Golden Retriever named Boomer had cuts on his legs and has some hip problems, but other than that he was doing well at Arlington Veterinary Hospital.

Initially it was thought Boomer was a landslide survivor and that his owners had perished, but the veterinarian who treated Boomer's injuries said he was in contact with Boomer's owner and the dog is not a landslide survivor.

According to the veterinarian, Boomer lives about two to three miles away from the slide and wandered from his home and ended up in the debris field. His injuries are from the rough terrain in the field.

The veterinarian said Boomer's current owner lost her brother in the landslide. He used to be Boomer's owner, but he had given Boomer to his sister when he moved away.

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