VANCOUVER, Wash. A three-month investigation in Clark County led to a SWAT raid and seized weapons Thursday.

A total of 18 people were detained and questioned during the raid and three were eventually arrested. Police searched two homes and seized at least five rifles and handguns

The investigation was triggered by an assault with a gun in January. Police believe suspects Hector Nunez and Juan Granillo fired at a car loaded with people outside their home on New Year s Eve.

Nunez and Granillo were arrested during Thursday s raid. The two men have gang ties, police said.

A neighbor, David Oster, was also arrested for his involvement. His wife told KGW that he didn t do anything wrong.

This is beyond extreme measures. This is to protect what? Luwenza Oster questioned. We didn't do anything, my husband didn't do anything. The guy who got detained didn't do anything wrong.

Nunez and Granillo were charged with assault and Oster was charged with rendering criminal assistance. They were scheduled to appear in court on Friday.


KGWreporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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