PORTLAND -- Big crowds, beer, and great weather came to Portland this weekend for Saint Patrick s Day festivities.

hings kicked off Friday night along with extra police patrols to make sure everyone celebrated safely.

At Kells Irish pub the air was thick with smoke and tradition. The taps were flowing and there was no disputing the drink of choice Guinness.

Most everyone there was safe. On the street it's a different story especially this weekend. Officer Quen Duong was looking out for law breakers and risk takers.

When there's alcohol involved, they're not themselves and maybe they don't make the best of decisions. You need to have a plan you need to have a designated driver, Duong said.

Police were rolling out extra patrols to contend with drunk drivers. Duong says inattentive drivers are another especially when you throw thousands of runners in the mix.

That will be the case Sunday morning for the St. Paddy's day Shamrock Run.

If you don't plan ahead and get in a pinch, police will have extra TriMet They'll also be running extra vans to take folks to the detox center, and of course, you can always call a cab.


KGW reporter Katherine Cook contributed to this report.

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