PORTLAND Police are on the lookout for a man in a suspicious van near Wilson High, just one day after a dangerous federal fugitive with a van was shot and killed by police across the street from the school.

A student told police on Thursday that they were approached by a Caucasian man in a white or light green van as they walked to Wilson High School, around 8 a.m.

School staff notified parents and the Portland Police Bureau. The district also sent a letter to parents, urging families, students, neighbors and everyone in the community to remain alert and vigilant.

Teachers and counselors will be talking with students. We also encourage students walking home from school to walk in pairs or in groups. Remind your child and neighbors of the importance of immediately reporting anything they may see that is suspicious or unusual to police, teachers and other adults, said Portland Public Schools spokeswoman Christine Miles.

Police increased patrols in the area following Thursday's report. That's the same way they responded the day before, when students said a man followed them home after school.

In Wednesday's case, the officers on patrol spotted a man near a parked van across from Wilson High School. When school resource officer John Romero tried to question the suspect, the confrontation escalated into a police shooting.

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Romero shot federal fugitive Kelly Swoboda in the chest and heart, according to investigators. Swoboda died at the scene.

Romero suffered a gunshot wound to his hand and an arm injury. He was treated at a local hospital and released to continue his recovery at home.

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