PORTLAND -- A cable station billing itself as a TV network for dogs said it has three candidates for Dog Mayor of Portland and it wants your vote.

A promotional campaign by DogTV announced Thursday is offering up three canine-didates for Dog Mayor of Portland as part of an effort to get 100 dog mayors elected in 100 cities across the U.S.

DogTV claims to be a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog-friend programming scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone.

The promotional campaign said the paw-litical race offers a chance for dogs of all ages, breeds and beliefs to go head-to-head, or paw-to-paw in a chance to win the title (and a free six-month subscription to DogTV online).

Finalists were selected based on adorableness and ambition, according to a media statement.

The Portland candidates were described by DogTv as:

Tater (Labrador retriever) In the mayoral battle of the retrievers, Tater learned early that shaking hands is the best way to become a successful politician. Representing the Portland working class, he accompanies his mother every day to the office and commands attention from customers and co-workers alike.

Scout (Vizsla) Scout is a true canine Boy Scout, with boundless energy, strong leadership skills and the ability to sniff out danger (or, just birds and food). He is a proponent of outdoor activity and has even succeeded in getting his mother to run three miles every day.

Jobey (golden retriever) Unlike most dogs, Jobey is a pro on the golf course and has closed many a business deal on a par 5. When he isn t retrieving golf balls, he s cheering up everyone he meets and offering a helping hand (paw) to people in need.

Voting takes place on DogTv's Facebook page. Voting ends March 20, winners will be announced March 25.

The dog mayor will also recieve a one-month of free subscription to PetBox. The runner-up will recieve a three-month subscription to DogTV Online.

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