DUFUR, Ore. -- A 5-year-old girl's pet rooster will be allowed to stay at her Dufur home despite a violation of the city's noise ordinance, the family announced Thursday.

Ayla Macnab considers her pet silkie rooster Dallas to be her best friend. But Dallas was in danger of being banished after a neighbor complained about the noise he makes.

The small town of Dufur specifically bans roosters in its noise ordinance. The Macnabs bought Dallas before the ban was enacted, but he was not grandfeathered in.

Background: Will rooster be exiled from Dufur?

Neighbors who heard about Ayla's plight packed city hall for a hearing last week and overwhelmingly said she should be allowed to keep Dallas. A Save Dallas online petition also garnered more than 22,000 signatures before the hearing was over.

Then on Thursday afternoon, the family announced that Dufur Mayor Arthur Smith had agreed.

The mayor says that a nuisance does exist under the current Dufur ordinances. BUT, in view of matters expressed at the hearing by various Dufur citizens, he is putting a stay on the order and all further actions in the matter until the City Council can schedule a hearing to consider testimony and input on the ordinance, reads a Facebook post on the Saving Dallas the Rooster Facebook page. What that means is that for now, Dallas stays!!!

The family was cautiously optimistic, though. The matter will still be revisited in a future hearing, which has not yet been scheduled.

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