PORTLAND -- The recent onslaught of heavy rain triggered a new landslide in the Portland metro area Wednesday and also contributed to at least two car crashes, authorities said.

The landslide blocked one lane of NW Bridge Avenue near the St. Johns Bridge. Rocks, mud and trees started falling down the steep hillside Wednesday morning. Crews with the Oregon Department of Transportation had to cut up a tree and remove debris from the road.

These kinds of slides can be so dangerous, that ODOT has geologists on standby this week. If the rocks and debris were to fall on or in front of a moving vehicle, it could turn deadly.

The geologists are looking for a lot of things, said ODOT spokesman Don Hamilton. We may see additional rocks on the road, we may see water where there wasn't any before, we may see some dirt or a tree down. There are a lot of little slides that the geologists are looking for that could be indicative of a larger problem.

It was also dangerous on the roads Wednesday morning. A woman went off Northeast Airport Way at 138th Avenue, up onto the curb, sheared off a fire hydrant and a tree and rolled her car. Portland firefighters had to cut her out of the car and take her to the hospital. The accident was partly blamed on weather.

On the I-5 north Killingsworth Street off ramp, a minivan slid and rolled, smashing the windshield.

City officials were warning vehicle drivers and bicyclists to watch for standing water, less traction and bad visibility.

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