LONGVIEW, Wash. A landfill is about to close on the outskirts of Longview and some people are glad to see it go.

The Tennant Way Landfill is where all the trash created by Cowlitz County residents currently gets deposited. The hill sits at around 100 feet high, with 2.5 million tons of garbage.

The trash heap is in sight of traffic coming in from Interstate 5 to the city.

Business leaders are pleased the landfill will be sealed off and grass and shrubs will eventually cover the ground. They say it will make a better impression on visitors.

I can tell you with the announcement today that it s going away, I think it s positive for the community, said Bill Marcum, Director of the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce.

The landfill has been operating at the sight since 1976.

Solid Waster Manager Don Olson has been running the facility for 28 years and he s proud of the way they ve managed it.

It s a utility, everybody s generating garbage. Four-and-a-half pounds a day, it s got to go somewhere. This is that magical place everyone calls 'away,' said Olson.

But now Olson is pleased the county acquired a new location a few miles out of sight to process trash. The new site will open in early March. After that, the old landfill will be sealed up for good.

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