PORTLAND -- When President Obama called for high fuel standards for heavy duty vehicles one week ago, Oregon alternative fuel insiders were already planning their annual conference to address that very issues.

The Green Transportation Conference attracts experts from across the country and Canada. They're in Portland to educate and learn the impact of going clean and green and what it means for the bottom line and for the environment.

The focus of the conference, this time around is fuel efficiency for public agency vehicles and equipment. Natural gas, biofuels, hybrids, electrics are all on display. Using alternative fuels can save any company, city or town with large fleets hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

There is also an overall savings that comes from an extended life of the vehicle. It means less wear and tear on the engine.

What we're finding out is these sustainable technologies and not something that cost money to save the environment, said John Cogar with Electric Vehicle Options. Sustainability is equal to profitability.

Oregon is helping lead the national alternative fuel movement. In Ashland, Brammo is building Made in Oregon electric motorcycles for police departments that are already many have been sold to the police force in Hong Kong.

The new fuel standards for heavy duty trucks will be announce by the EPA and the National Transportation Department by March of 2016.

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