PORTLAND -- If you have children in school, you need to be aware of an important deadline. Wednesday, February 19th is Vaccine Exclusion Day.

Students who aren t up to date on immunizations could be sent home from school. But it's not too late to get caught up. Counties will be holding special immunization clinics for families who don't have their shots up to date yet.

Multnomah County clinics will be held on Wednesday. Parents are encouraged to check their county health department website for clinics in their area.

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Keep in mind (that) 90 percent of parents are vaccinating their kids, which is fantastic, but we d like the number to be even higher, said Dr. Mark Slifka, an OHSU vaccine researcher.

Concern about vaccines causing autism has decreased according to the experts.

Multiple studies from multiple countries have shown the connection just doesn t pan out, remarked Slifka. The latest unproven concern for parents he says is that a child s immune system might be overloaded.

As a result, parents are spacing out the shots more.

It s always a concern when kids don t get vaccinations at the recommended times, because you never know when the next outbreak will occur, Slifka warned.

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