PORTLAND -- The father of Kyron Horman thinks a landscaper should be able to testify about an alleged murder-for-hire plot at an upcoming trial.

Kaine Horman is fighting for custody of his 5-year old daughter.

In court filings, Kaine Horman argues his ex-wife Terri Horman presents a credible threat to the health and safety of their daughter. As a result, he says she should not have parenting time.

Lawyers representing Kaine Horman and Terri Horman are debating whether landscaper Rodolfo Rudy Sanchez should be able to testify at a June 2014 trial over parenting time.

Kaine Horman's lawyer argues that Sanchez should be able to testify at trial. Kaine's lawyers say several months before Kyron Horman disappeared, Terri Horman sought the landscaper's help to kill her husband. Court papers suggest Terri wanted her husband dead so she would not lose custody of their daughter.

Terri Horman's lawyers complain they are not able to cross-examine the landscaper. The judge has forbidden cross-examination of Sanchez about his conversations with police.

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