TUALATIN, Ore. -- Police and K-9s swarmed a neighborhood in King City, searching for a driver after a 100 mph high-speed pursuit Friday evening.

The final moments of the dramatic chase were all captured by KGW s Sky 8.

It was scary for one woman when a suspect knocked on her door and said he needed to use the phone.

She let him inside.

Mildred, who asked to remain anonymous, had no idea police were looking for Brandon Johnson.

When she got a warning from a neighbor on the phone, she went outside and police with guns drawn were walking toward her.

They arrested Smith who they were initially trying to get on an outstanding drug warrant.

But boy, all those police cars. That was scary. I don t know why people run. I would be petrified, she said.

The driver never threatened Mildred, she wasn t scared until she saw all the cop cars. Police also arrested Brandon Johnson s female passenger.


KGW reporter Reggie Aqui contributed to this report.

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