PORTLAND -- With less than 2 weeks until the Winter Olympics in Sochi, there's growing concern about security. So much worry that some families are changing their travel plans.

Kate Carcelen of Seattle had planned to travel to Russia to see her husband Roberto compete in the 15K cross country event. But she's decided to stay home.

The more I spoke with Roberto, the more I could see his jaw flinch, said Carcelen.

U.S. officials have issued unprecedented warnings about safety during the Olympics, which raises the question: Would you go to Sochi?

I would probably still go, said Scott Winegar, Program Director of the Homeland Security Department at Concordia University. I would take some reasonable steps to not be in those soft targets. The cue for the bus stop, the cue at the train station, the cue at the nightclub, those are places you would definitely want to avoid because they are very vulnerable soft targets.

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