PORTLAND, Ore -- TriMet is planning to add uniformed officers to its buses. It comes after a series of violent attacks against drivers dating back to 2012.

We want to make sure everyone feels safe and secure when they're riding the bus or max, said Harry Saporta, Safety and Security Executive for TriMet.

Plain-clothes officers already ride the buses and trains. TriMet officials did not say how many uniformed officers will be on the system, but they will ride different lines at different times.

A uniformed presence gives individuals a sense of security and comfort, added Saporta.

Some bus riders believe the added security will make a difference.

Just the knowledge that it's out there may deter people or make them think twice before they act out, said Chris Healy.

I think that's good, added Alexa Hacket.

The union president said the addition of uniformed officers is encouraging, but he hopes TriMet does not stop there.

To see more code enforcers, fare inspectors would be nice, more supervisors on the routes, said Bruce Hansen.

Additionally, TriMet is planning to staff release points with officers. Release points are the areas where shift changes occur.

Safety is important, said Saporta.

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