GRESHAM, Ore. – A live bullet was safely removed from furniture in a Gresham Goodwill store after a shopper noticed it Sunday night.

A shopper spotted the bullet behind a drawer inside a large dresser and reported it to store staff.

There were concerns that the bullet could go off by accident if the drawer hit it, so it was safely removed, according to Dale Emanuel a spokeswoman for Goodwill.

β€œIn this case, the bullet was put in a HazMat tote and sent to the Vancouver [Goodwill] outlet. The local police pick up items like these and destroy them,” Emanuel explained.

She added that employees pulled out the drawers from other furniture in the store as a precaution, to make sure no other bullets were hidden inside.

The Goodwill store where the bullet was found is located at 413 Northeast Burnside Street in Gresham.

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