PORTLAND Some couples have such a big desire to get married in one of Portland's beautiful parks that they camped out all night for a spot on the reservation list.

Couples were lined up outside the Portland Parks and Recreation building two-by-two Thursday morning. Some said they d been there since 6 p.m., the night before.

Jan. 2 marked the first day that couples could apply for a permit to hold their wedding in a Portland park in 2014. And by closing time about 100 permits had been issued.

The most popular Portland parks to get married in are the Rose Gardens at Washington Park, Cathedral Park, and Mt. Tabor.

The long wait was worth it for Marcus Hibdon and his fiance, for a chance to get married in Cathedral Park.

We knew that it would be popular and we really, really wanted to do it. So we were willing to stay out all night. We were willing to do just about anything to get the venue we wanted, he said with a smile. We're excited!

Since it was pretty chilly outside Thursday morning, PP&R staff members supplied the future brides and grooms with free warm coffee as they waited.

There are still permits available for couples who plan to apply at a later date.

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