PORTLAND -- The family of a woman killed in a March 2012 hit-and-run is suing the driver of the car and the bars that served her alcohol for over $4 million, court documents revealed Tuesday.

The children of Nancy Schoeffler are suing Jeld Wen Field and the Marathon Taverna for selling alcohol to Ashely Chavez on the night that Chavez struck and killed Schoeffler with her car.

Nancy Schoeffler, 63, was out for an evening walk on March 31 2012, when she was struck and killed by a car Chavez was driving. Chavez and her passenger fled the scene and Schoefler was found lying on West Burnside Street, near SW Tichner Drive.

Chavez was sentenced to 75 months in prison on Nov. 5. Five of Chavez s friends were also sentenced for their part in an elaborate scheme that hid evidence and helped Chavez flee the state.

The adult children of Schoeffler, John and Solara Schoeffler, filed documents with the Multnomah County Court on Dec. 2 requesting a jury trial in a lawsuit against Jeld Wen Field, Marathon, Chavez and her accomplices for $4 million in pain and suffering and $187,000 in lost income and future earnings, emotional distress and costs associated with Schoeffler s death.

Chavez and her friend Angela Kaps-Collins were out drinking the night of the accident. The Marathon Taverna is located across the street from Jeld Wen Field. The suit claims both businesses served Chavez when she was visibly intoxicated and while it was reasonably foreseeable that she would drive a motor vehicle after leaving.

Kaps-Collins and Chavez s brother Joshua were also named in the suit.

The Schoeffler estate said that Chavez and her accomplices were willfully negligent in their cover up of the accident.

Chavez was aided by her boyfriend, Christopher Rhea, and her brother, Josh Chavez, Angela Kaps-Collins, her husband, Billy Collins, and their co-worker, Jose Alberto Torres.

Together the five conspired to fix Chaves car, clean it and hide it on Collin s property in Corbett Ore.

Chavez was arrested in Bellingham Wash. in June.

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