VANCOUVER -- The state of Washington released names Wednesday of people and businesses who want to produce, sell or process pot under Washington s new legal marijuana law. Six of them will eventually wind up selling pot in Vancouver.

The state Liquor Control Board released a list of 932 applications that it s received since the Nov. 18 filing window opened. Those include licenses to grow, process and sell marijuana.

The 39th Street Mini-Mart in Vancouver hopes to be a retail location. Inside the store there s a glass case filled with pipes and bongs.

Owner Charles Iheanacho hopes marijuana will soon follow.

I m in the business to make money, Iheanacho said. People will be smoking marijuana. People will be buying marijuana. So it doesn t really matter if I sell it. It I don t sell it, somebody else will be selling it.

He s one of ten people who've applied to sell pot in Vancouver so far. The state will issue licenses to six retail stores in city limits and they ll spend the next two months going over applications.

The deadline to apply is December 19th.

Statewide, 159 retail applications have come in so far.

Applicants include businesses with names like Dank's Wonder Emporium and Woody's Weed Warehouse, both in Everett; Ye Olde Dope Shoppe, in Lake Forest Park; Weeds, in Sequim; Vansterdam, in Vancouver; and Happy Daze, in Selah.

The board said it will license up to 334 pot shops statewide.

There's no limit on the number of growers or processors.

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KGWReporterMark Hanrahan contributed to this report

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