PORTLAND -- When KGW first met Hunter Davis, a fresh scar ran across the top of his head from temple to temple. Doctors performed surgery not long after diagnosing the 26-year-old with stage four glioblastoma, an aggressive and hard-to-treat brain cancer.

The young man suddenly faced a grim prognosis. Doctors gave him 18 months to live.

On a cold November night near Portland s Steel Bridge, we met him again. It s two years later. After giving him a hug, I could only smile and say the obvious: You re still here.

Hunter s reply: I know. I m still here. I m still kicking.

In September 2011, KGW interviewed Davis because he was desperate to get a visa for his wife. She stayed too long in the U.S. on her previous visit and was having trouble getting approval. After the story aired, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley helped expedite the process and the couple is now living together in Portland. The past two years has meant radiation, chemotherapy and lots of medication.

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Not long ago, Davis found out his brain cancer is once again spreading. And then more bad news, his state-provided health insurance is ending just when he needs to pay for a new surgery.

Even though his doctor wants to operate now, Davis may have to wait for Medicaid to kick in Feb. 1. But he says some things can t wait.

I m on seizure medication right now, but that runs out officially as of December 1st, Davis said. He said he s tried to return to work but his condition prevents him from making it through a shift.

With few options, Davis has turned to the Internet. He created a page on with the hope of raising $3,000. After just two days, he was shocked to see people donated one-third of his goal.

I can t even say how grateful I am for the people who have come through for me, Davis said. Time has never been on Hunter Davis side. Now he says, he at least knows people are.

Click for Hunter Davis GoFundMe page

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