PORTLAND -- Rasheed Wallace owes more than $150,000 in unpaid property taxes. His wife submitted an electronic payment last week for $34,686 dollars but when the county went to get the funds, they were told the account is not valid.

It s possible that because an electronic payment was made, the wrong account number could have been entered by mistake. We've all made typos, but the taxes remain unpaid.

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The county sent Wallace, who is now an assistant coach with the Detroit Pistons, a letter stating the payment was declined.

What happens next is we send the Wallace's a notice of a returned check fee for an additional $25 that they'll now have to pay because we could not collect the funds, said Dave Austin with Multnomah County. The funds were deemed non-collectable because the account doesn't exist.

Wallace was in town for a Blazers-Pistons match-up last week. KGW tried to ask him why he hasn't paid, but he refused to talk to us.

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The $25 returned check fee will now be added to the $150,000 outstanding tax bill. That money is still being assessed at a 16-percent interest fee as long as it remains unpaid.


KGW reporter Chris Willis contributed to this report.

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