SHERWOOD, Ore. -- The director of the wild cat sanctuary where a woman was killed by a cougar last weekend tried to save her and made a frantic 911 call for help.

Michael Tuller can be heard on the 911 call yelling at the large cats to get away, and took the risk of entering the enclosure himself to reach head keeper Renee Radziwon-Chapman's body.

Radziwon-Chapman, 36, was attacked by one or two cougars inside the enclosure at WildCat Haven, an animal sanctuary located in Sherwood, Oregon.

Tuller told the 911 dispatcher he was going into the cage to get his friend and the dispatcher cautioned him, Are you in a safe position to go in by yourself? We don't want you to get injured or hurt.

Tuller's voice was filled with emotion as he reached his friend and told the dispatcher he had managed to pull her out of the fenced area.

KGWobtained a copy of the 911 call Wednesday. These excerpts from that graphic call illustrate the measures that Tuller took to try and save Radziwon-Chapman. Other parts of the call were edited out due to their disturbing nature.

Click on audio below to hear excerpt from 911 call

Tuller runs the sanctuary with his wife, Cheryl. Neither has spoken publicly since the attack.

Statements released by WildCat Haven through their attorney said that Radziwon-Chapman had violated protocol and gone into the enclosure alone.

Radziwon-Chapman's mother, however, said that her daughter had expressed concerns about the lax safety procedures at WildCat Haven and it was not uncommon for workers to go in alone.

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