PORTLAND Zoo keepers have come up with two possible names for each of the three 5-week-old lion cubs at the Oregon Zoo and want the public's help naming them

Vote: Name Neka s lion cubs

Earlier this month, one of the cubs was reunited with her family after she was put into special supportive care when she was sick.

Zoo veterinarians said the cub had stopped nursing and also kept going off by itself.

The three cubs were born September 7. It was the first pregnancy for their mother, Neka, and zoo veterinarians said she has been an amazing new mom.

Neka s smallest cub is recovering and all three cubs are now ready to be named.

The zoo s animal-care staff has been calling the cubs by numbers 7, 8, and 9 after the International Species Information System.

Cup No. 7, the smallest cub that was sick, could be named either Kamali or Mara. No. 8, the middle cub, could be named Zalika or Jelani, and cub No. 9 was given Mashavu or Angalia as possible names.

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