PORTLAND -- Some games will be permitted on soggy sports fields that were closed earlier this week in Portland due to weather damage.

Portland Parks and Recreation announced Thursday that city-owned non-turf fields used for soccer, rugby, lacrosse and football would be available starting on Saturday if the teams have secured the proper permits.

In addition, baseball and softball fields will be open for practices and play if conditions allow. But there were some city fields which will remain closed to everyone. (See complete rain-out policy at the bottom of this page.)

Unfortunately, due to how over-saturated the fields are from recent, record-setting rain, all other uses including practices, classes and/or camps, cannot be allowed for users' safety, said PP&R spokesman Mark Ross. Portland Parks & Recreation will continue to assess field conditions throughout the week and again provide notice by Thursday October 10, 2013 of any changes to this conditional closure.

Background: Sports fields closed in Portland

Crews examined the condition of all the fields on Thursday to determine if the closures should be lifted. They also released the following details about the city's rain-out policy:

Portland Field Rain-out Policy:

Portland Parks & Recreation synthetic fields (Grant, Strasser & Buckman) remain open for use; but games will take priority for use of them. PP&R policy is that games take priority over practice on synthetic fields. Permits originally issued as practice may be pulled to make room for league games. Priority is as follows; PP&R programs, Portland Public Schools/PIL, In season Recreational Youth Programs, Recreational programs.

Cross-country practices and meets may continue as long as the course does not cross onto athletic fields. PP&R reserves the right to cancel cross-country usage if that use creates damage to park property.

WHAT ABOUT BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL? PP&R baseball and softball fields will continue to follow standard Rain Out procedures listed below; meaning they are cautiously permitted for use providing conditions are safe per the below Field Playability guidelines. Be sure to call the Rain Out line (503-823-3020) prior to use of the field(s) you reserved. Call PP&R's rainout line whenever in doubt.


Playability can be determined by the user on-site by using these simple criteria:

1. Calling the rain out line at 503-823-3020 whenever you're in doubt.

2. If stepping on the infield produces more than a 1 deep and / or water-filled footprint, or when running produces the same result, play is not permitted.

3. If there is any doubt, always choose not to play. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in cancellation of permit and assessment of charges for damage to the field/s.

Portland Parks & Recreation will continue to assess field conditions throughout the week, and we will provide an update or notice by Thursday, October 10, 2013 regarding any changes to this Conditional Closure.

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