VANCOUVER -- Three people were arrested Thursday morning in Clark County, accused of trafficking drugs.

The Vancouver-Clark County Regional Drug Task Force served a warrant at a home on NE 124th St in the Glenwood area.

Detectives said the investigation was focused on a man named William Jorgensen, and they believe Jorgensen was involved in selling and buying methamphetamine and heroin.

Neighbors said they called authorities for three years about the problem house, and are frustrated it took deputies so long to make the arrests.

We were under the impression that the sheriff's office didn't want to be bothered by this, this was a thorn in their side, said Julianne Carty. There are police reports stating that the sheriff's office had done their investigation and that there was no illegal activity going on at this residence.

Detectives said they have been investigating the entire time, but because the case was very complex, they weren t able to release much information to neighbors.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to share what we've been doing as a task force, that's left them with the impression that we haven't been doing anything, said Drug Task Force Commander Mike Cooke. We've been doing what we can legally to make a case, and that's what led us to this point today.

Jorgensen and two others now face several drug-related charges and will likely be in court Friday.

Detectives haven t said if there were others involved. The investigation continues.

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