PORTLAND -- Southwest Barbur Boulevard is busy all the time. It is especially busy during rush hour.

There's no crosswalks, said neighbor DanielLetcher. People need to get to the bus and they run for it sometimes and they risk their life.

In the hour we were on Barbur we witnessed a number of people tempting fate. Letcher will not. He has a daughter.

She's a little baby and Itake the back streets because there are no sidewalks, said Letcher. It's dangerous either way.

Barbur proved to be dangerous Thursday morning. A car slammed into a 27-year-old woman just south of Southwest 26th Avenue. Investigators said she was trying to cross the busy road.

I went to the store over there and saw the ambulance, fire truck, cops everywhere, said Letcher.

The accident came just ascityleaders were getting ready to make improvements between Southwest 19th and 26th avenues. They planto add enhanced crossings, new sidewalks, and new bike lanes.

We're really excited about that, said Roger Averbeck, chair of the neighborhood transportation committee. We need additional crossing improvements at numerous locations around here.

The work is not expected to start for another two years. Until then, neighbors likeDaniel Letcher pledge to be extra vigilant.

You just have to watch out, he said.

The work is slated to be completed by 2016.

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