PORTLAND-- Portland's skyline may soon be going to the birds.

Commissioners are set to vote on a resolution in support of new bird-friendly building practices.

Every year around this time the Audubon Society of Portland gets swamped with calls about birds that have crashed into buildings.

Nationwide hundreds of millions of birds are killed every year in these kinds of collisions, according to Audubon spokesman Bob Sallinger.

Crashing into buildings, hitting glass windows, is ranked number one in terms of bird mortality after habitat loss or destruction, Sallinger said.

It s a problem that only gets worse as the fall migration season approaches.

But Portland commissioners want to change that with a resolution that encourages developers to build-bird friendly buildings from now on.

This is to really give people a central place in our city for design guidelines to find out what they can do, said Commissioner Dan Saltzman.

The resolution encourages building managers to turn off outside lighting at night, much like the city of Houston has already done.

That and other changes may take some getting used to. Some worry less lighting will make people feel less safe and secure at night downtown.

Commissioner Saltzman stresses the bird-friendly guidelines are just recommendations. Developers will not be required to follow them.

The council will likely pass the resolution at its October 2 meeting.

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