PORTLAND -- The Gable Funeral Home, in the Montavilla neighborhood has been around for decades. It was not until recently that neighbors noticed a lot of smoke pouring out of the building, which is believed to be from cremation services that the funeral home now offers.

There's a lot of children in the neighborhood and there's a school across the street, said Spidell.

Spidell and his neighbors are worried about their health. They researched what cremations emit.

There's potential for lead, sulfur, carbon monoxide, methane, said Spidell.

Just a block away from the funeral home is Vestal School. Parents are outraged. The district hired an environmental specialist to test the soil.

We have a lot of children and some of those children have special needs, so we want to make sure if there's something in the air that can disrupt them or make them sick what can we do about it, said Christine Miles of Portland Public Schools.

Neighbors are taking action.They formed a group and they are calling themselves Right to Clean Air. They are pressuring the city of Portland and the Department of Environmental Quality.

We have the right to clean air and they're polluting it and we'll do whatever we can to stop them, said Spidell.

NewsChannel 8 reached out to Gable Funeral Home and Cremation Service for comment. They directed us to their parent company. They have yet to get back to us.

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