PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Three sex offenders working at Washington State Fair have been fired. Puyallup Police said the Level I offenders didn't disclose their status when they were applying for jobs at the fair.

One offender was fired before the fair opened, another over the weekend and the third one on Thursday. They were employed by Funtastic, which is a company the state fair has used for decades to provide rides.

Level Ioffenders are the least likely to re-offend.

In an interview with KING5 on September 4 about security and protecting the public from predators, Karen LaFlamme said some but not all employees receive background checks. It s costly to check some 7,500 workers.

If they are lying and provide someone else s social security number, there s no way to find out, said LaFlamme. The Washington State Fair plans to follow up with Funtastic.

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