PORTLAND- A Portland woman returned from the grocery store Tuesday to find a half-naked stranger masturbating in her bedroom, police said.

Michele Leeper said she became concerned when she returned to her apartment near Southeast 26th Avenue and Pine Street to notice her back door was open.

Going inside, Leeper saw her bedroom door closed. She said she opened it and found a half-naked man on her bed.

I came in and saw him with his pants down around his ankles, half naked, masturbating on the bed, she said.

Leeper screamed and the man took off.

The suspect was later identified as 47-year-old Charles Wilson.

I wish I could get the image out of my brain, Leeper said. I don't even want to sit on my living room couch or use my own bathroom right now because I don't know what's been touched.

Police used a K-9 unit to track Wilson down in a nearby yard. He's been charged with trespassing and private indecency.

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