PORTLAND -- A controversial homeless community at Northwest 4th Avenue and West Burnside Street could soon be moving to property just steps from the Pearl District.

The attorney representing the camp e-mailed Newschannel 8 Friday night and confirmed a deal had been reached. Saturday, city officials did not return our calls, e-mails or tweets about whether a parking lot under the Broadway bridge will soon become the home for Right 2 Dream Too.

Background: Attorney: Deal reached in moving 'Right 2 Dream Too' homeless camp

A lot of them are violent when they're drunk and use drugs and you have a vulnerable population right next door, said Don Eva who lives in one of the 172 apartments in Station Place Tower next to the Pearl District and the parking lot which could soon become a homeless community.

Everyone in the building is over 55 years old. Toni Shemarya has lived in the building eight years and is not against the homeless moving next door, but she does have some concerns.

There's a lady here who is 92 and is checked out and wanders around with her walker and I don't want her to get hurt, Shemarya said.

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz met with Station Place Tower residents Thursday night. News crews were not allowed in the meeting. Residents said Fritz told them no deal had been reached.

Fritz purposely avoided our questions and cameras following the meeting.

Most people were not happy with what she said and knew it was all spin and about half way through the meeting half the people got up and walked out, said Doug Lohnes who lives in the building.

The homeless living at Right 2 Dream Too said the property's owner told them not to discuss the issue with the media. They say they don't want to leave what they call a peaceful, safe location and feel they're being segregated.

If a deal has been reached, like the attorney representing R2D2 claims, it appears both the homeless and residents in the Pearl are not very happy about it.

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