PORTLAND -- The gloves are coming off in the divorce between Kyron Horman's father and stepmother. Recent court filings involved harsh words and new allegations.

The latest struggle surrounds custody and visitation of the estranged couple's daughter, Kiara.

In divorce proceedings, Kaine Horman argued that Terri Horman shouldn't be able to see the four-year old.

Terri Horman has been in seclusion for three years and has elected not to seek parenting time with Kiara. She refuses to cooperate with law enforcement, wrote Kaine Horman's divorce lawyer Brett Engel.

Kaine Horman's lawyer asked that Terri Horman undergo a psychological exam. She has agreed to participate on a limited basis in order to protect her constitutional rights.

Terri Horman's lawyer, Peter Bunch, complained that Kaine Horman has been standing in the way of Terri seeing her own daughter.

Terri Horman's divorce attorney also raised new allegations.

There are a number of troubling aspects of husband's prior conduct and parental decisions, wrote lawyer Peter Bunch. Husband and the police have perpetuated the dissemination of inaccurate information about the circumstances of the disappearance of Kyron Horman.

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