PENDLETON -- A transient linked to two vicious attacks on women in Eastern Oregon has eluded capture despite a strong police effort and many citizen tips.

Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts described Danny Wu, 23, as a ghost, with no DNA or fingerprint matches in police and military databases. The chief also believes Wu is an alias.

He is a major danger to the public and imminent threat to society, he said. Even fellow transients felt creeped out by Wu and stayed away from him, the chief told KGW. Wu frequents public libraries, the chief said, and usually arms himself with knives or screwdrivers.

A warrant was issued last week for his arrest. He has been linked to the severe beating last week in Pendleton of Karen Lange, who is in critical condition at OHSU. His DNA has been tied to the 2012 stabbing death of a Pendleton motel worker.

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Police have not been able to determine a motive for the murder and the attack. Neither involved a sexual attack or a robbery, the chief said. Wu has the means to travel and could be anywhere, he said.

Wu has a recent history with the Pendleton police and was arrested twice for trespassing and illegal lodging. He has a tattoo on his left wrist which reads Semper Fi.

Police have received over 100 tips about the case but none have panned out, he said.

Anyone who sees him should call 911. Anyone with information about him should contact the Pendleton Police Department at (541) 276-4411.

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