THE DALLES, Ore. Five buildings, including three homes, have now been destroyed by the Government Flat fire complex. One woman who evacuated her home on Mill Creek Road returned Tuesday to nothing but ash and rubble.

It looked like Armageddon to me, Sarah Burchfield told KGW. It just looked like napalm hit back from our trailer to the driveway.

Her home sat right in the middle of the evacuation zone, and Burchfield said her family left before the mandatory order was put in place.

We could see the glow coming up over the mountain, she said.

In the pile of ash where she used to live, her burned-out car was the only recognizable item left.

What happened has happened, she said. I have my moments, don't get me wrong. I break down. I cry. I've lost a lot, but we got out with our lives.

And her mother s house, right next door, was untouched by the flames.

She now worries about the 50 families still in the evacuation zone. By Wednesday morning the 8,000-acre was only 15 percent contained.

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KGWReporter Abbey Gibb contributed to this report.

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