PORTLAND -- Obie the (formerly) Obese Dachshund lost 49 pounds in 11 months to reach his target weight.

Obie was donated to Oregon Dachsund Rescue in 2012, when he was drastically overweight and his owner could no longer care for him. The group put him in the foster care of Nora Vanatta, who vowed to help him lose at least 40 pounds.

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Vanatta worked with him to safely lose about 2 pounds per week, and he had surgery in April to remove 2-1/2 pounds of loose skin.

On July 30, Vanatta announced that Obie had reached his target weight of 28 pounds.

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Obie gained national attention in 2012, after he was featured on NBC's Today Show. But that and other regional television appearances led to a bitter custody dispute.

Oregon Dachsund Rescue claimed ownership of the dog and demanded his return, saying Vanatta had exploited the sensationalistic promotional value of his unusual obesity, earning money off of his public exhibition, while not taking care of his condition.

Vanatta fought the lawsuit and both sides eventually reached a settlement. Vanatta retained custody and continued to work with him on his weight issues.

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