PORTLAND City leaders are meeting Wednesday to try to fix a significant revenue shortage with Portland s arts tax.

Portland was supposed to collect $12 million with the $35 per person tax, but because of a series of problems collecting the tax, the city brought in less than $8 million.

In March, the Portland City Council held an emergency meeting to extend the deadline for the tax and exempted those who earn less than $1,000 from paying.

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On May 15, the new deadline for the tax, city computers crashed, prompting leaders to again push the due date up, this time to June 10.

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On Wednesday, the Bureau of Revenue will present six possible options for collecting more money, including raising the fee for the arts tax to $50.

Another option city leaders will consider is to have people pay more if they make more money.

In November of 2012, Portlanders voted in favor of the ordinance that called for anyone in a household above the poverty line to pay a $35 annual arts tax. The money will help pay for schools and arts programs.

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