CORVALLIS, Ore. The Beaverton man who sneaked into Oregon Health and Science University and posed as a plastic surgeon back in 2011 was sentenced Tuesday for new charges.

Lucas (Luke) Ebert, 23, was sentenced for aggravated theft after pleading guilty last week to writing tens of thousands of dollars in fake checks.

Two years ago, Ebert used a fake ID to pose as a plastic surgeon at OHSU. He wore a doctor s smock and convinced one patient to pay him directly for a surgery.

The woman did not have a clue she was the victim of fraud until she showed up at the hospital on the day she thought the operation was to take place. Ebert was eventually convicted in that case and served time.

Now he faces theft charges in Multnomah County and in Corvallis, for allegedly writing bad checks. Some of the checks were written to Shonnard s Nursery, where Ebert purchased $32,000 in lighting equipment.

It seemed a little too good to be true, so I went to his bank and it was confirmed that that account had been frozen, said Joel Shonnard.

Police said an investigation revealed that Ebert wrote bad checks at several businesses, including Shonnard s Nursery.

He was sentenced Wednesday to 13 months of jail time and must pay almost $17,000 in restitution.

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