SALEM -- The City of Salem has rejected a request by PETA to erect a statue to remember a truckload of chickens dumped onto the street two weeks ago in a crash.

PETA wanted the statue erected at Commercial and Division streets, where the crash happened on July 9, said spokeswoman Danielle Katz. About 5,000 chickens were in the load. Many of them died.

City officials told the Salem Statesman-Journal that chicken statue would be a driver distraction at a busy intersection. The decision was made in concert with ODOT.

Background: Truck spills thousands of chickens in Salem

The statue, pictured below, is more than 5 feet tall and weigh about 250 lbs., Katz said.

It includes the inscription, In memory of the hundreds of chickens who suffered and died in a truck crash July 9, 2013 Go vegan.

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