BATTLE GROUND, Wash. Justin Carey was hit by a car last month and lay injured in the bushes for more than an hour before someone found him.

For the first time since the June 10 crash, the 16-year-old talked Monday about the man he credits with saving his life.

Tow truck driver Charlie Barrett was towing the wrecked vehicle away from the scene 90 minutes after the crash when he heard Carey calling for help about 150 feet away.

If Charlie didn t find me, then I would have probably died, Carey said. But he did find me, so he found me for a reason.

Barrett visited the family about a week and a half after the crash.

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Carey said he remembers checking his cell phone while he was waiting at a school bus stop that morning. And then he woke up in the hospital.

Now one of his legs is gone, but Carey was staying positive as he prepared to leave the hospital Monday.

I m going to have more appreciation for life, he said.


KGWReporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this report.

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