PORTLAND -- The man accused of driving a semi-truck the wrong way on Interstate 205 and crashing into a car on the Glenn Jackson Bridge pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail Tuesday.

Kenneth Burgess, 49, of Medical Lake, Wash. pleaded guilty to four counts in connection with the wrong way crash on March 18.

Burgess pleaded guilty to assault, DUII and reckless endangering. He will serve six months in jail, 36 months probation and go through in-patient alcohol abuse treatment.

Burgess also lost his commercial license permanently and his personal license for five years.

The victim, Katherine Emerson, spoke in court Tuesday. She said the accident changed her life and she now suffers from panic attacks and flashbacks. She now only drives because she has to, and not for enjoyment like she used to.

Burgess apologized to Emerson and acknowledged he has a problem with alcohol. He said he has a newfound respect for life.


KGW Reporter Art Edwards contributed to this report.

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