PORTLAND In Oregon, many people count on tips to supplement their pay. But a restaurant in New York City is instituting a no tipping rule, and some are wondering if it will spark a trend nationwide.

Tipping has become ubiquitous for many workers, from cab drivers to baristas.

Everyone is entitled to have a tipping bowl, said former Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto. I might have one at my door for whatever services I provide, but that doesn t mean you re going to get a tip.

Laying a hot dog with some sauerkraut doesn t deserve that much of a round of ovation, Musto said.

The owners of the New York City sushi restaurant Sushi Yasuda said tipping is not accepted in Japan, which is why it is not an option at their restaurant.

When guests receive their checks, the bill says gratuities not accepted.

But patrons shouldn t feel sorry for Sushi Yasuda employees. Instead of tips, Sushi Yasuda pays higher wages to their workers.

KGW Reporter Joe Smith contributed to this story.

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