TUMWATER, Wash. -- It's been 10 years since Miller Brewing shut down the old Olympia brewery at Tumwater, ending a century of brewing tradition.

Since then, a plan to bottle water on the site failed and the lender foreclosed on most of the property. As a result, the convenant restricting the production of alcoholic beverages at the site has been removed.

The Olympian reports the main brewery building is now vacant. Commercial real estate broker Troy Dana is trying to sell the property and says it could be used for retail, office or condo space as well as a brewery.

The historic 175-acre brewery site in Tumwater helped produce Olympia beer and other brands from 1896 to 2003. When Miller vacated and sold the brewery in 2003, one of the agreements was a restrictive convenant barring the production of alocholic beverages on the site, which included micro and craft beer operations, winers and liquor distilleries. Since the foreclosure, Miller has cooperated with requests to remove the convenant.

This is great news for Tumwater. We are pleased to have this limitation removed and appreciate MillerCoors working with the City and the property owners on its removal. We believe this will open up the property to more options for quality redevelopment, Mayor Pete Kmet said in a press release.

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