PORTLAND -- Oregon's new Catholic Archbishop is taking a stand against this weekend's gay pride parade.

Alexander Sample is telling local parishes to leave their banners at home if they plan to take part. For the last 11 years St. Andrew Catholic Church members have marched with a banner stating their name and proclaiming that all are welcome.

It s the type of sign the Archbishop wants left behind.

But Jerry Deas, a St. Andrew Parishioner says that's simply not possible. They need the sign to identify themselves.

That s the one thing that it does. By people seeing that it s St. Andrew, they know its St. Andrew and then they can come to St. Andrew. If we were just walking, just walking, they wouldn't t know who we were, said Deas.

He also said the outreach works. People from the parade in years past have checked out St. Andrews and some have become full members of the church.

So respectfully, we will then follow our conscious to reach out to present the good news as the Gospels call us to do and to welcome all people, said Deas.

For its part, the Archdiocese argues it would not be appropriate for the local parishes to march with banners that include the name of their church.

There are some folks in that parade that use this as an opportunity to mock the Catholic Church so it seemed inappropriate for a particular parish to act as a participant in the parade, said spokesman Bud Bunce.

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