PORTLAND -- A cab driver who was attacked in downtown Portland Tuesday night described the harrowing experience in an interview with KGW.

Osman Sheikh-Said said he was in the middle of his shift, with three passengers in the backseat of the cab, when a man came up to the car.

Sheikh-Said said he tried to roll up the window and he locked the door. But the man was able to reach inside and open the door to get inside the car.

Sheikh-Said explained the man sat in the passenger seat and started demanding the keys, so Sheikh-Said told his passengers to get out of the car.

Then the man started fighting with Sheikh-Said for the keys, and managed to get the keys from him.

Sheikh-Said got out of the car and the attacker sped off in the taxi.

It was crazy, scary. I was worried about the safety of the customers I had in the cab. I just let him take it, I knew he wasn t going to get that far, he said.

The man eventually ditched the car in Vancouver.

Sheikh-Said returned to work Wednesday.

Police still haven t arrested the attacker. He is described as a white man in his 30s and is about 5-foot-8. He was wearing a baseball cap and a sleeveless shirt and has tattooed arms.

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