LONGVIEW, Wash. -- The owners of two dogs that entered a Longview home and killed a cat last month have euthanized one of the dogs, but are appealing the dangerous dog declaration for the other.

The dogs got loose from their yard and entered a home two blocks away through a sliding glass door May 6, Longview police said. The man inside the home tried to get them to go back outside, but they saw the cat and pounced on it. The man said he had to sneak outside and lock the dogs in.

Background: 2 dogs enter Wash. home, kill cat

As first reported in the Daily News, the owners of the dogs decided to euthanize the one they say initiated the attack. The other dog has been declared dangerous by the Humane Society, but the owners are contesting the designation.

Under Longview ordinance an owner must register and pay an annual fee for a dangerous dog, post clearly visible dangerous dog signs on the property, put a muzzle and short leash on the dog if it leaves the property and obtain an extra $250,000 in liability insurance payable to anybody injured by the dog.

The owners were also given a citation for letting the dogs run loose. A court date has not been set for the appeal, Cowlitz County officials said.

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