VANCOUVER A recall effort for Clark County Commissioner David Madore is gaining momentum in Washington state.

Madore has been a county commissioner of only four months and critics accuse him and Commissioner Tom Mielke of hiring fellow republican and State Senator Don Benton as the county's Director of Environmental Services without interviewing him.

It's been a fantastic experience. I just love my new job, Madore said. I'm thankful that democracy is in action here.

It's alleged he and Mielke didn't interview anyone, but Madore said he and his colleague are clean.

There's no wrongdoing. There's just disagreement as to who the person is. I say give him a chance, Madore said.

Earlier this week, outraged citizens protested the hire outside county headquarters, and others packed a scheduled meeting, including former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard.

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I think people ought to watch what's going on in their county. This is our future here, Pollard said.

Pollard is spearheading the effort to recall commissioners Madore and Mielke. He said the way State Senator Benton was hired gives Clark County a bad reputation.

Independents, republican, it doesn't matter who you are. You should be offended by this whole thing. This is political cronyism at its best, he said.

Madore said he got into public service to improve the county he's called home for decades.

I'm not a cronyism guy at all, he responded. We are going to be the most competitive, business-friendly county on the west coast. That's good for Clark County.

KGW reached out to Commissioner Mielke but did not hear back. Meanwhile, supporters of the recall effort meet at the international association of firefighters union Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

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